Dave Da Glider Guy

Wishful Thinking (June 2019)

Each year the OWLS lease our field to the Orlando Buzzards for their annual Tangerine event. I’m sure many of you over the years have attended and possibly mused that you might like to also compete, then you looked at the models and the complexity of modern building also the thousands of dollars invested in fully molded Kevlar and Carbon composites that scared you away.

The following may just offer an insight and an awakening you did not think possible. I certainly hope so because for me its almost a way of life so passionate am I in its pursuit of.

For a reasonable outlay $220 you can purchase delivered bind ready a 2m EPP Foam sailplane from Horizon Hobby, a 3 channel R/E/M that its predecessor has and will be used again at the next Tangerine event. The bottom line is the Radian 2m has been around about 12 years it was in my opinion a copy of the Multiplex successful Easy Glider.

The Radian 2m is as an easy plane to learn thermal flying on as any aircraft out there, I venture to suggest that any basic flyer can after a very short practice time can compete at club level and beyond, maybe you will not hold the trophy aloft but you might be amazed at the position you end up compared to the rest of the field.

If your interest is piqued, I’ll fly with you once a week and by October you will be ready for the Tangerine event to compete but most importantly have fun doing so.